The Kitsune and the Members of Change – Prologue

Keep in mind that I’m an amateur! This is the first full-length story I’m trying to write, so if I make some mistakes or my writing is kinda cheesy, please bear with me… But please share any advice you may have! The more constructive criticism I get, the better my writing will be!

Thanks, guys! Enjoy!


We all wish for something to come into our lives and make it better. Some people hope to win the lottery so they can live in money-supported bliss. Some just pray for the kindness of a stranger so they don’t have to spend another night starving. Then there are some who wish for a miracle; something to allow them a chance to start over. They want a new beginning – one that will pave the road to a higher fortune. Most people don’t get what they hope for.

But there are also some who do.